Marigold Town City Hall

Privacy Policy

Last Updated: October 10, 2023

Marigold Town Web Hosting ( does not track, analyze, or collect any information about any user that visits Users hosting their websites on subdomains of Marigold Town might track users through cookies or analytics, but they are required to maintain their own privacy policies to elaborate on what data collection is occurring.

We use Tinylytics, a GDPR-compliant, privacy-focused analytics tool, to track pageviews and server uptime. They don't set cookies, and they do not store user identifiable information.

Users who sign up to use Marigold Town services are required to provide their name and email address, which is collected in order to identify accounts for logging in, maintaining webspace on the server, and transactional communications from provider to user. This is only stored locally, encrypted, and backed up on secure servers to maintain communication lists. Your email address is never shared, sold, disclosed, traded, or otherwise leaving the custody of the Marigold Town administrator.

Have questions or concerns? Please reach out to for assistance. If you do not agree with our policies and practices, do not use our services.