Marigold Town City Hall

For Visitors

An owl with spectacles and a business suit, calls himself Marty the MayorHoo! You might be wondering, "What on earth is this place? Is it a town? Does it actually exist?"

Well, of course we exist! You're here, aren't you?

What is Marigold Town? is, at its core, a free webhost provider operated by Alexandra. There is no shortage of free webhosts, but Marigold Town aims to be a competitive hosting provider for hobbyist, personal, artistic, and/or otherwise non-commercial websites.

There is no cost for Marigold Town webhosting. You are able to support Marigold Town with donations if you'd like, but it's not required at all.

What makes Marigold Town different?

What makes Marigold Town different than other free webhosts is the Marigold Town map. Every website takes the role of a business, organization, public space, or otherwise physical location modeled after places in real life in order to embody their hobbies, interests, or anything they want to make a website about.

While some websites are "stores," you can't actually buy anything. Some residents answer the question of, "If you lived in a place where you didn't have to worry about costs, what kind of shop or business or physical location would you open?"

Would you have your very own majestic library, a curated collection of your favorite works? Would you open a boba tea shop with only your favorite flavors? Would you run your own gym so you could gush about fitness? What about a music shop, where visitors can browse your favorite parts of music history? Or a park, filled with information about your favorite flora and fauna?

The website could be anything the resident wants. What matters to Marigold Town is how it fits into a town theme. We miss a bit of the whimsy that was so ubiquitous on the internet but seems to be lacking these days. Creating a utopian place, not dependent upon money, that feels small, friendly, and welcoming is far more difficult in real life than what we could do together onlineā€”so let's create it in Marigold Town!

How do I host a website on Marigold Town?

You can get started by filling out the Residency Application, which is essentially the registration form for hosting. You will be required to give your initial website idea in order to be approved and make sure you understand the theming.

Please note that you will have two (2) weeks after receiving your login credentials to get your website uploaded in a state that visitors can explore initially.

Why host a website on Marigold Town?

Marigold Town is a home-grown, small web project that is non-profit, non-corporate, and dedicated to the long haul. With regular backups and archives, Marigold Town is dedicated to providing a hosting alternative to creative folks that can rival long-standing hosting providers.

By using the town theme and structure, website owners are able to combat choice paralysis and have design prompts for website ideas they have. Maybe you know you want to build a website about a certain topic, but you're not sure how to structure it, design it, or how to get folks to see your hard work. Marigold Town is a good answer to that by providing a cohesive theme, parameters, baked-in discovery, and browsing for visitors that isn't based in views or popularity.

If you're interested in creating and hosting your own website but have no desire to do a small-town theme, hosts like Teacake, Leprd, and Neocities should meet your needs!

What do I get when I host my website on Marigold Town?

We are proud to offer the following as part of your proprietorship in Marigold Town entirely for free:

Why is Marigold Town the way it is?

Marigold Town was deeply inspired by Webgardens by Miss Moss and Melonking's Melon Town Map. Marigold Town combines both super creative ideas into one by creating a "town" of iframes that is entirely contributed by hostees.

Art of the Marigold Town characters and vacant buildings were wonderfully and lovingly created by Kat, the official artist of Marigold Town.

The grass background on the homepage is attributed to babysofja on Freepik.