Marigold Town City Hall

Terms of Service

Marigold Town is a webhosting provider that will host an account with the account holder's chosen subdomain name for a perpetual amount of time for no cost unless terminated by either the host or account holder. Accounts and subdomains can be deactivated at any time by contacting Support.

Marigold Town services are provided as-is, without warranties of any kind. We cannot guarantee a 100% uptime warranty, nor can we promise that services will be entirely error-free. No advice, guidance, or written information given by any Marigold Town representative will create a warranty.

Acceptable Use

As we are a website host first and foremost, we have to establish laws that allow for Marigold Town to succeed and remain online, including preventing to the best of our ability any violation of United States law where the host is located.

All hosted websites are expected to adhere to this Terms of Service and, specifically, these rules for hosted content:

  1. No promotion of hate, violence, harassment, and/or discrimination against specific groups or individuals.
  2. No malicious, out-of-date, or unsafe scripts.
  3. No spam or using any Marigold Town web or email hosting for spam, mass emailing, or botnet purposes.
  4. No copywritten materials, piracy-related distributions, or torrents.
  5. No archives or backups unrelated to the website being hosted.
  6. No real or fictional pornographic media, including sexualizing minors under the age of 18.
  7. No spoofing, impersonating, cryptocurrency mining, or Denial of Service attacks.
  8. No hacking-related activity, network daemons, or proxy software.
  9. No hosting CPU-intensive services, e.g. memory-intensive apps, videochat software, game servers, booters, chat bots, IRC servers, Virtual Private Networks, etc.
  10. No banner exchanges, paid advertisements, or paid advertising networks such as Google AdSense.
  11. No subhosting allowed. If you are approached to host someone's website, please send them to the Marigold Town homepage to sign up.
  12. No hosting any illegal content that violates the laws of the United States.

Limits to Marigold Town services are also imposed on hostees as agreed during registration, such as server space, bandwidth, and limited account registrations. In addition to these limits, caps may be imposed on an account's usage of certain offerings if the website exceeds limits that infringe on others' usage of our shared server space.

While some issues might be addressed here in our Town Laws, Marigold Town is also bound by legal and usage policies that can be found on the DreamHost website, including the Acceptable Use policy.

Account Ownership

All hostees must be at least 13 years of age to comply with COPPA in the United States.

There is no payment for account ownership at Marigold Town. All services are free.

The account holder who signed up for the account initially is ultimately responsible for all content uploaded on the subdomain requested at registration. Subdomains may not be transferred to anyone without written approval by Marigold Town ownership. Subdomains may never be sold. Account holders are responsible for maintaining the confidentality of their password. In any security events in which an account is compromised, the account holder will be held responsible for any content uploaded onto their subdomain until notification has been given to Marigold Town.

Right to Refuse Service

By signing up, you agree the owner of Marigold Town can remove any website found to be violating any of these rules, regulations, or policies without notice. While we will reach out to individuals who are hosting violating content on their account, a site may be taken down and account suspended as a precautionary measure while the issue is sorted. If there is no response within one week, the account will be terminated and the subdomain will once again be up for grabs. If we are notified by an external source about any unlawful activities on your part, we will proceed to terminate your service with us with or without notice.


When you sign up for Marigold Town, you are consenting to indemnify us and release us from any legal responsibility for claims, damages, losses, liabilities, and associated costs. This indemnification agreement remains in effect even after your service has ended. We are also not accountable for any illegal activities for which you may face prosecution in connection with your service.